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Contingency Search – Direct or Permanent Hire

Maverick Recruiters has built its reputation on contingency, direct-hire recruiting.  It does not cost you anything to meet our candidates.  We recruit, interview and pre-qualify candidates based on your hiring needs.   We manage the interview and selection process, gather feedback from both sides, provide references when requested, extend offers and follow-up regularly after the candidate’s start date.  We invoice your company once an offer has been made and accepted. 

Temporary or Contract Staffing

Temporary or contract staffing has become invaluable to our clients during these uncertain economic times.  There are times when you need help but cannot justify hiring a permanent employee or you need coverage for holiday vacations or an unplanned absence.  A qualified contract employee is a great solution.  We recruit, interview and pre-qualify candidates based on your hiring needs.  Our temporary division becomes the candidate’s Employer of Record and completely responsible for payroll and related employment costs.  Your company receives a weekly invoice based on the number of hours a candidate worked.


Our temp-to-hire option is a strategic, two-fold solution.  First, it allows you to assess a candidate’s performance on the job during a trial period of time without making a permanent commitment.   Second, it becomes a viable financial option since the fee is broken down into an hourly rate. 

Payroll Services

We can be your back office support for payrolling for a candidate who you have selected on your own but do not want to put him/her on your payroll.  Our temporary division becomes the candidate’s Employer of Record and completely responsible for payroll and related employment costs. 

Consultative Approach

Maverick Recruiters offers our clients over 20 years of experience with administrative and accounting staffing in the Atlanta market. Maverick Recruiters provides customized staffing solutions to assist your company in securing the most talented and qualified individuals. We deliver only the highest caliber candidates who not only surpass your skill requirements, but who are also a good fit for your corporate culture. We act as your strategic business partner by learning your company inside and out. This allows us to think beyond immediate assignments and quickly deal with new challenges as they arise.

Quick Results

Since we act as your consultant and partner on an on-going basis to find top talent, we are able to respond to your needs in a timely manner. In most situations, we are able to offer you quick results by presenting qualified candidates to you as early as the next business day. Since we are an Atlanta based company, we can easily conduct an on-site visit to your firm which will allow us to evaluate your hiring practices and gather information on your personnel needs. This is a tremendous resource for you because it assists us in sending you candidates who will work well in your corporate culture and environment, eliminating those who are not the “right fit.” Our goal is to save you time by not only sending you qualified candidates, but also by sending them to you in a timely manner.

Who are Our Candidates?

More than 80% of our candidates have been referred to us from either clients or other satisfied candidates who we have interviewed or placed. Our strong referral base is a testament to the service we provide not only to the hiring companies but also to the candidates. Before sending you a candidate for possible employment, he/she will have been personally interviewed by one of our recruiters to ensure we are making the best possible match for both parties. All of our candidates have been tested using the latest business software programs and we will also provide you with verification of the candidate’s employment references, salaryhistory, and educational credentials.


We offer computer software evaluation and training to our clients and candidates through the Kenexa Prove It! program. We test all of our candidates on the latest software programs. We also offer online tutorial programs where candidates can refresh themselves on any program or teach themselves any new program. This has become an invaluable resource for companies and candidates alike.

If you would like to have a specific test administered for your hiring requirements, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your needs.