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All potential applicants are required to fill out this application in order to begin the interviewing process. Please download the application by pressing the button to the right or clicking here. You can either (1) print the application and fill it out by hand or (2) fill it out electronically and then save it as a Word document. Either way, please bring a copy of the application with you to your interview. This accelerates the process and allows us to get to know you faster.  If you are submitting your resume and application for the first time, please email it to  You will be contacted if we have an opening that you qualify for.
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Job Opportunities

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Note: The job openings posted below are a partial listing of our current search assignments for our clients. Each opening and related requirements are subject to change at any time with or without notice. If you are replying to an ad and do not see the particular job listed below, please contact us for further details.

Candidate FAQ

Interviewing Tips and Techniques

There are many important factors that hiring companies consider when deciding on who to hire. Although previous, related experience is always important, sometimes it is not the deciding factor. By following these few guidelines, you will stand out above other candidates and be the one to get the job! If you have any further questions, contact your recruiter.

  • Make sure that you have good directions to your destination before the day of the interview. It is best to do a trial run to the office so that you are sure you know exactly how to get there.
  • Arrive to your interview 10 – 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time….no sooner and no later. If you arrive too early, it becomes inappropriate to the person you are meeting. If you are running late, first call the company you are interviewing with and then call your recruiter. There are very few reasons for being late to any interview. Atlanta traffic is not an excuse!! Plan ahead!!
  • Take 3 – 4 copies of your resume to every interview. Sometimes our clients will have a copy of your resume but sometimes they do not. You will always look prepared if you have clean, crisp resumes. Also, if you are invited to meet other people within the company, you can give them a copy of your resume as well.
  • Greet the hiring manager with a firm handshake. Look him/her in the eye and make that first impression count We all know how important first impressions are…there are no second chances.
  • Review the company’s website before the interview.
  • Ask questions throughout the interview. This will show that you took the time to research the company and your genuine interest in getting as much information as you can about the position.
  • At the end of the interview, let the hiring manager know you are definitely interested in the job and company. For example, says something similar to this: “I think this sounds like a great fit for my skills and experiences and I feel that I would be an asset to your team. What is the next step of the process?” Or “I am very interested in this job and feel that my qualifications match what you want in a future employee. When are you planning on making this hiring decision because I am ready to accept an offer?”
  • Call your recruiter as soon as you leave the interview. Our clients know that we ask you to call us after the interview and they will be expecting feedback immediately as well.
  • Send a thank you note. This can be a hand-written, short note that addresses your interest and qualifications in the job. Have a friend proofread it before you put it in the mail. Excellent candidates have lost job offers for poorly written thank you notes.

Common Interviewing Mistakes

  1. Arriving late to the interview and not bringing copies of your resume.
  2. Not wearing professional business attire.
  3. Indicating that you were late because the receptionist or mapquest gave you bad directions.
  4. Not sitting up straight in your seat. Having arms crossed.
  5. Not making eye contact nor having a firm hand shake.
  6. Not knowing what the company does.
  7. Responding to questions in an unfocused or disorganized manner.
  8. Not making a connection between your skills and experiences with the needs of the employer.
  9. Answering questions with a simple “yes” or “no”.
  10. Being low-key or not displaying enthusiasm for the job.
  11. Appearing desperate for a job.
  12. Giving rehearsed answers.
  13. Leaving your cell phone on.
  14. Not letting the hiring manager know that you want the job.